Bulack 75

Bulack 75 is a cylindrical vibrator with a diameter of 800 mm, designed for counting the hinges for furniture and ironmongery, which generally cause a high percentage of entanglement

The big dimension of the bowl, together with a high-performance vibrating base provided with three magnets, allows to reach cadences of 40/50 hinges per minute, which is impossible with other systems on the market.

Considering its high versatility (we have fed 25 different models of hinges and terminal plates) and reliability, it is one of the most original and appreciated products of the family PackFeeder.

Weighing / Counting system

We have developed several original solutions in order to obtain both the weighing and the counting function from the same vibrator, which is very useful for bags containing many items.

The bowls may have one or more internal tracks (one dedicated to weighing and the other one to counting) with both manual adjustments and pneumatic slide valves.

According to the items to deal with, we conceive shape and dimensions of the vibrating bowl.

Separation systems

Normally, before being counted by a sensor barrier, the items are detached by a ribbon or intercepted while dropping down to the output of the vibrator.

Alternatively, we can use rectilinear vibrators or ribbons in order to create an accumulation tank and then carry out cadences count with simple pneumatic cylinders

These systems allow counting certainty, both for single and multiple items, by regulating the back cylinder.

Coatings and treatments

The internal coating is very important to obtain a higher speed and to maintain the product intact.

There are several solutions: the standard coating is made of polyurethane and has different degrees of thickness and hardness; it is also possible to spray an FDA certified polyurethane for alimentary and pharmaceutical use.

Another solution is the manual polishing on inox AISI 304/316 or a certified galvanic electro-polishing.

For very heavy and oiled items, we can apply screwed, highly wear-resistant steel strips C75 (harmonic steel) on tracks and sides.

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