The cylindrical bowls PF-CI are ideal for items with a complex shape and with a high degree of entanglement (screws, hooks, thimbles, etc...) and all models from PF-1CI (diameter 160) to PF-8CI (diameter 1000) allow the accurate counting of a wide range of products.

Thanks to a double adjustment for both internal and external side of the bowl and to other technical measures, they guarantee feeding continuity and a higher reliability compared to similar vibrators.

The PF-CI system has been initially designed for very small fixing hardware, which is very difficult to feed in a continuous way and, above all, in a single-file line, without being paired or overcome. Our solution, for instance, allows the perfect counting, without air blows, of self-tapping, countersunk screws M4x10 at a speed of 500/600 items per minute with a perfect immediate stop.

Other particular solutions (delicate items, interlaced items, very thin items etc...) are included in our case histories among thousands of applications carried out