The conical bowls PF-CO are suitable for thin, round items (washers, O-rings, plates etc.) and all models from PF-1CO (diameter 260mm) to PF-8CO (diameter 1300mm) allow counting of a wide range of products.

Positioning the items by one side, a specific parabolic at the bottom of the bowl helps thinning them out and pre-selecting them in a natural way, primarily according to the need.

The positioning in a continual single-file line takes place by using adjustable tracks and scrapers and a side output of the items is also possible, if the counting is carried out while the items are dropping down and not while they are passing on the belt

A particular solution offered by PF-CO is represented by the multiple outputs of the items: a wide track with a weighing function and another one with a counting function.
Perfect for bags with more than 100 items. When counting occurs while the items are dropping by one side, we arrange both the internal slide and the expulsion bellow used when counting is finished.